PneaVoX technology is unique. It makes possible to record 3 physiological parameters with a single sensor:

  • Nose and mouth breathing.
  • Respiratory efforts in order to discriminate obstructive, central and mixed sleep apnoea.
  • Snoring.

In addition, upper airways resistances can be estimated by acoustic intensity measurement.

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The sound and pressure measured inside the chamber provide a raw signal.

Three signals are extracted from this raw signal by using frequency filters:

  • respiratory sounds
  • snoring
  • pressure variations (related to respiratory effort)

These signals allow the following:

  1. Detection of sleep apnea (intensity 1, sound 1)
  2. Detection of snoring (intensity 2, sound 2)
  3. Characterization of the apnea (suprasternal pressure)

Demonstration of central apnea, by the PneaVoX sensor :

Central Apnea