Portables Cardiorespiratory Polygraphs Pneavox


This portable polygraph is equipped with PneaVoX technology (tracheal sound sensor), a pressure sensor for nasal cannula, an oxymetry sensor, chest and abdominal belts, position sensor, actimetry and a brightness sensor.

There is also an additional pressure channel for connecting a pneumotachograph when the patient is treated with a CPAP or BiPAP machine, …

This very light weight module which fits on the wrist, improves patient comfort. This complete portable device has a battery and records signals in its built-in memory.


This polygraph has the same channels as the CID-LX plus 2 electrophysiological channels for recording a Leg EMG and/or ECG.

For the patient’s comfort, just like the CID-LX, this ergonomic and light weight polygraph, is equippedwith an internal battery and is to be placed on the patient’s wrist.

  • Vue polygraphe au poignet
  • Capteur PneaVoX
  • Installation polygraphe CID-LX
  • Installation complète Polygraphe CID-LX
  • Unique
  • Precise
  • Ergonomic
  • Outpatient Care
  • Autonomous
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