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    The PneaVoX technology proposes a new insights into the respiration, especially into the analysis of tracheal sounds. It enables the recording of 3 physiological parameters with just one sensor…

About the company

For more than 32 years, CIDELEC develops and manufactures polygraph and polysomnograph devices for the diagnosis of sleep disorders, based on the PneaVox technology which uses a tracheal sound sensor.

Those years of experience are the source of a high expertise and recognition in that field. The company never stops to improve the quality of its sleep diagnostics products and software, by a full involvement in research and development as well as training and support.

With a deeper look upon breathing, snoring as well as cardiac and neurologic activity, the polygraphic/polysomnographic examination bring to the practitioner the opportunity to assess the patient sleep quality. We believe that an efficient diagnostic is ensured by the quality of the measurement and the proper sensors installation, thus we create devices with ergonomy in mind, helping the physician with advanced software and systems.

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